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Mental Health and Exercise

What does being physically active mean? Exercising, working out, staying fit is something that is required for you to do in order to stay healthy. Doing physical activity includes doing anything that involves us moving our bodies. According to MIND, individuals with mental health conditions are more likely to consume too much alcohol, be overweight… Continue reading Mental Health and Exercise

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Relationships and Mental Health

Not everyone is going to understand you. When it comes to mental health, sometimes you feel empty inside and you feel like nothing and no one can feel that void. Being in a relationship with a partner having a mental health condition can be challenging at times however it can be rewarding as you may… Continue reading Relationships and Mental Health

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10 things to do to improve your mood

1.  Positive affirmations- I have a little book where I write all my affirmations down. At the beginning of 2018, I made a list of some things that I wanted to focus on and achieve: relationships, health, mental health, car, success... for each one of these topics, I made at least 10 affirmations for each.… Continue reading 10 things to do to improve your mood

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Mental Health Blog

Hey you!   Thanks for clicking on my blog. This blog will be dedicated to discussing mental health; how to cope, spotting symptoms and more! I am not a trained professional so please refer to your GP if necessary. (Also check out my disclaimers page) I hope you take something from this blog. I will… Continue reading Mental Health Blog