Letter to Lil cc

Back in High school, towards graduation, we were told to write a letter to our future self. At first I was hesitant as I didn’t see the purpose of it but as soon as I put my pen to paper, I let myself express only positive things that I will accomplish. And I did.

I went to university and met amazing friends.

I loved doing this task so I decided to write a letter to the old me, the little scared and reserved Candice. This may be a little weird to some but to me I felt like I gave my younger self some much needed encouragement. This was therapeutic and I recommend writing a letter to your future self. Put your goals and where you want to be into the universe and see it come to fruition. Thoughts become things.

Enjoy reading!


Hi babygirl, how are you?
Boy you’re going through it aren’t you? Don’t worry things will get easier trust me.
Yes, life is HARD but don’t give up now! You have too much to loose and such a life to live. If I tell you what is going to happen in your life you wouldn’t believe me.
Are you still putting others before yourself? Soon you’ll realise that you have to put your happiness and your wellbeing before and above everything else. And I’ll tell you why.
If you are not happy and turn to others to fulfil your own happiness you will never be pleased. I can guarantee that. Find your own light so you can be the light for others.


Life can break you, but don’t let it.


You must start working on your confidence because when you through life without confidence, you could block your blessings. Start to make eye contact.
Are you practicing self-love? Do you know your worth? You will find out that you are such a caring person who feels emotions deeply; you’re an empath but you don’t know it yet. You love to help people and that’s great but first help yourself. I know that you don’t like to ask for help, but you need to because you’re not happy. I can see it in your eyes.

Depression is a bitch and so is anxiety. One day you’ll accept the fact that you need to talk to someone about this. You will wish you got help sooner but nevertheless you’ll get into situations that make you stronger and more aware of yourself.

You are a shy, reserved girl but trust me, you’ll soon understand the power within you. You’ll find your path and you’ll find your purpose. I’m still on the path girl; it is a long ass path. I’m still not 100% sure where I am going but I know I’m only going up.

So I’ll see you at the top.

Thanks for reading.

Take care of yourself.