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Hello there. The books listed below are all under the section of self-care. I tend to refer to these books when I’m looking for some inspiration, a little passion and when I’m feeling lost. I hope you enjoy!


Feel the Fear and do it anyway! By Susan Jeffers

The title speaks for itself! FEEL THE FEAR AND DO IT ANYWAY which suggests that we all have fear (even miss Winfery), but some people let fear control them and some people control it! That’s what we all try to do.

Let’s start with the first page, “Susan Jeffers, PhD, dubbed ‘the Queen of Self-Help’ by The Times in the UK”. Ok you got me. Ms Jeffers is the self-help queen?! I get it now. And in my opinion, it is a well desired title base

d on this book. You just got to find out for yourself.

feel the fear

With regards to the layout of the book, I really like the use of diagrams used to demonstrate how to get the most out of this book. They are helpful guidelines to follow such as the no-loose and no-lose win model.

Each chapter of the book are separate from each e.g., Chapter 1- What are you afraid of…and why? And Chapter 2- Can’t you make it go away…However they flow into one another so fluently. And with that, each chapter has homework for the read to do! At the end of each chapter, there is a summary which highlights the key points mentioned in the chapter but the way it is written is displayed in a way that gets the reader thinking.

On page 71, there are 7 ways to reclaim your power and one of the ways is to ‘avoid blaming yourself for not being in control’. At times when in crisis I often think “damn why did this happen to me?” and then I had to alter my thinking to “why did I let this happen? What can I do next time to avoid this?” Its all in the way you think.

For a book to gain my full attention, I find it useful when the author inserts their life story into the book. It makes it super realistic and can be easily applied to the readers life hence the use of primary and secondary sources helps to balance the book. The secondary sources include quotes from other self-help books. The way the quotes were used helps to support the point at hand.

I personally prefer books that are informal as I find it super easy to read and I find it more relatable. The language in the book is clean and concise- straight to the point. There are some footnotes in the book and they are informative. A couple of the footnotes are used to define new words such as Pollyanna!


Now let’s get to the good stuff; my likes and dislikes. They are are several things that I love about this book:

After every chapter, there is a short letter from people across the globe who have read the book and they discuss how the book made an impact in their life

Ms Jeffers talks about the students in her class, their issues and how they overcame their issues

There are several practical exercises to use to help to achieve your dreams whilst still feeling the fear to do it.

At the back, there is a large bibliography of audio tapes and books to support you when applying the exercises to your life.

There are only 12 juicy chapters- liked I mentioned before, I prefer books that are straight to the point and punchy.

And finally, on the last pages of the book, the lifelong homework is Whatever happens, I’ll handle it.



And on to the dislikes; I hate that the booked ended. I’ve read the book several times and every time I finish it, I’m like damn that was quick!

Overall, I seriously recommend this book. Honestly, it is one of my favourite books and I always refer to it time and time again when I’m looking for inspiration. If you’re in a rut, looking for motivation and ready to leave your comfort zone, this book will help you to

do it.


Unf*ck Yourself: Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Life by Gary John Bishop

The title alone was eye catching. I like it. I love bold titles. I’ve I find it the most attractive aspect of the book. However, I do agree the title of the book. We need to stop letting negative thoughts and feelings take over. You must unfuck yourself and get out of your comfort zone to live your best possible life. Doing the homework in the book will assist you with this.

unfuck yourself

As soon as you open the book, boom. There it is again. Unfuck yourself in bold; get ready to unlock your power. Then on the next page there is a little bit about the author, “Gary is producing his own brand of “urban philosophy” ‘and that is what I’m attracted to I like it when people keep it raw, blunt and straight to the point.

With this book, there is more primary sources than there are secondary sources. What I love is that the author makes real life references. They include examples to support their point. The layout of the book is also appealing. What I like is that there a quote at the beginning of each chapter; bold statements with subtopics in each chapter along with a summary at the end which is usually the title of the chapter which wraps it up nicely.

Now let’s get to my personal pros and cons of the book…


My likes:

Blunt and bold.

Easy to read and super relatable

Gives you homework to do

There are stand out quotes in each chapter



Things that I don’t like as much…

I felt like the author could have included more secondary sources; he could have included how other people used the book to change their thought process and unfuck their life.

In all honest, I felt that I struggled to get something negative to say about this book because I found it very helpful. I will be referring to this book in the future if I do get stuck in a rut.

We can, and we will get through this.


The Law of Attraction: How to make it work for you

With reference to the title, at first, I was thinking what is the law of attraction? I’ve heard it before, but I didn’t quite understand the whole concept of it.

‘How to make it work for you’- Ok so by the time I finish reading this book not only will I understand what the law of attraction is, I will get some homework to make the law work for me! The layout of the book is very similar to a textbook. In addition, the language is clear, concise and very informative.

law of attraction

The first few pages of the book had many other resources such as self-help books, CD’s and other material to enable the law of attraction to work its magic. The contents are broken into topics and subtopics which makes the book more digestible. For example, the universal laws: Defined. There were constant questions asked throughout the chapter. They were questions and answers throughout the book and I found it very helpful. When I read books, sometimes I still have unanswered questions at the end however, that was not the case when I read this book.


Primary sources are by far the most frequent source in the book. The authors describe the use of meditation, the laws and how they define them, and they also discussed about how the laws of attraction made an impact in their life.


What I liked about the book is:

the long list of definitions described in detail

Very informative discussions

The amount of homework given to make the law of attraction applicable to the readers lives

Jenny (one of the authors) is having a conversation with Abraham throughout the book. Abraham is her spiritual guide and they have a lot of questions answered in the book.



Describing the Abraham experience is quite long and if I’m honest. I was kind of rushing past this section. I just wanted to get to the good stuff!

In conclusion, the book was very informative and detailed. It was a great read and I definitely used the exercises in the book and speak my aspirations into the universe.




Warrior Goddess Training: Become the woman you are meant to be by Heatherash Amara

I love love loveeeee this book.
This should be a staple in  every young women’s book collection. I promise you!


If you are always looking for self development, this should definitely be on your list.


The ultimate aim of this book is to encourage women (yes if you haven’t guessed by now this book is targeted towards women) to be the best, unapologetic version of themselves.


“As women, we are trained to seek our wholeness and value and to find love through others. Fifty years ago, we were told a husband and children would complete us- that was about our only option. Today, what makes us worthy might be a beloved, our career, or even following a chosen spiritual path. We rarely see ourselves as perfect just the way we are.”

I couldn’t have said it any better.

There are so many double standards in society today.


What I love about this book is that in no form is it criticizing men but demonstrates how we can uplift ourselves in spite of how we may be viewed.


Moreover, I will now discuss my likes about this book:


There are quotes at the beginning of each chapter.




The book is easy to read. There is nothing like trying to get into a good book but struggling to understand the terminology.


Although the book is easy to read, there is a chapter titled explanation of terms! It breaks down all the essential terms that are mentioned throughout the book. Perfect!


There are relatable stories- Throughout the book, the author includes how she picked herself up during a turbulent time in her life. If she can do it, so can we.


Further reading- Towards the end of the book, along with each chapter, the author recommends other self development books to help you to apply the chapter to your life.



List of websites you can find to support further self development.

Gives you homework to do! As mentioned with the other books I have read prior, there are some tasks and questions that you can do to assist with your development.


Now for the dislikes

Honestly, I struggled to find any!

If any of you amazing women read this book, do let me know how you found it and how it changed your perspective.




Seat of the Soul

What an outstanding book?!



Have you ever read a book and thought wow! I need to read that again.




This book will give you that feeling.




The goal of this book is to influence readers to evaluate their current journey.




How are you contributing to the human evolution/race?



How do you interact with other people?



What motivates you?



In this book, the author discusses the non physical elements of this world: Karma, heart, choice, intention, power, trust… all the things that in this current ‘social media’ driven climate that is on the back burner.



One thing that this book includes unlike a lot of other self care books is the study guide!



The study guide breaks down each chapter in depth with exercises to do that will enable you to incorporate the teachings into your daily life.



It is like a workshop!



From time to time, I still refer back to the book when I feel like I hit a plateau and need to remind myself that my contribution to the world is just as important.



Here are my pros and cons of this book:



Pros- The study guide! There is always something to learn and something to take away from this book each time you read it.



Cons- I would say that this book isn’t the easiest to read however the study guide will help you with the advanced technology.



All in all this is a fantastic book, another staple in the self care realm!



Enjoy it.



I will continue to add to this book review but for now, if there are self help books that I should read, please leave them in the comments below.

Thanks for reading.

Take care.



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