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September is suicide prevention month

In the UK alone, according to ons there were 6507 registered suicides.


That is a tremendous about of people.
Suicide is a very sensitive topic that should not be taken lightly,
I cannot fathom the thought process of those considering to take their own lives.
For some people, they believe that suicide is the only option for them to escape their reality.
I want to encourage people to be open and honest about the issues that are bothering them.
You don’t always have to share your most intimate details but finding a way to relieve your stress e.g., writing, deep breathing and meditation are some good starting ideas.
Access to therapy is not an option for everyone which is unfortunate.
Medication is not always suitable for all due to the numerous side effects they offer

Talking to people, taking part in physical exercise are some helpful ways to reduce depression and anxiety.
I understand the whole is a scary place but you are not alone.
At any point, do you feel that you need someone to talk to, I am here to offer a listening ear and an open heart.


Here are a list of international suicide hotlines.


Thank you for reading.


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